Quick & Dirty

Something quick. Something dirty.


The day I came home from work and saw her on the bed, face down, squirming in just a bra and panties. I dropped my coat on the floor and took a few steps towards her. I saw the cuffs on her wrists. Her fingers gripped the headboard. A large pillow was tucked under her hips. No, not a pillow. An indulgence of mine. A large black leather bolster. Her hips rocked against it.

I spanked her bottom.

I spanked her through her panties. I pushed my fingers against the side of her face. I needed to push her deep into the mattress. I spanked the backs of her thighs. I pulled her panties down to her knees and spanked her bare ass, sliding my hand between her thighs. Feeling.

The spanking lasted for only a few minutes before I climbed on top of her, clawing my way closer, tight against her. I needed to jerk off. This was for me. A display. Perfect and beautiful. A picture I’d had in my mind. Maybe I’d told her about it one night.  Maybe she just knows me.

When I climb on top of her, when I wrap my thighs around her and grind against her hip, she moans to me, happy. “Oh baby, yes,” she says.


I like to jerk off in the morning. She wraps herself around me. She tugs at my chest. Rubs the back of my hand through my underwear. She cups my fingers lightly, feeling me. She breathes against my ear or my neck. I look at her cupping the bulge my hand makes under my briefs. She tells me how handsome I am. I feel her tongue on the tip of my own. I come while she pets me. I come in her arms and let her hold me until my breathing slows.


Tonight I want to strap on a dick and fuck her. Slowly. Pull in and out. Over and again. For a long time.

I don’t want to tease my way in. I want to push her back and pin her against the floor. Pull her pants down, her panties. I want her to feel her bones against the hardwood. I’ll let the lube drip through my fingers. I don’t mind a mess. Lube on my dick. Lube on the lips of her cunt. I’ll push my fingers inside her. It starts rough. Aggressive. Impatient.

As I hold my dick in my hand and push it inside her, everything stops. Slow motion. I want her to hear how hard I’m breathing. “Put your hands on my back,”  I whisper. What I want is not her holding me. What I want is for her to feel how hot I am. The sweat already surfacing around my spine. My palms are flat on the floor on either side of her. My dick is inside her. I don’t want to look at her. Let me feel this. Everything. My belly. Hers. The hot sweat between us. Her thighs shifting open. I want to be deeper. I want to lift her hips.

Nobody comes. Not like this. I’ll kneel on the floor and pull her up onto my thighs, pushing my dick back inside her and grunting at her to jerk off. I like it when her fingers shake.

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