Used, Using, Endless

Today I pushed her head against the mattress and shoved her onto her side. I got on top of her and got off, rubbing hard against her full hip. She’d undone my jeans and tried to touch me, but I held her down. “I want you underneath me, silent,” I said. “Use me,” she said. Her voice told me to keep going. Her breath fluttered. Now there were no more words, just sounds. Sweating, grunting, panting. I climbed her. Over and over. My feet kicked around for a better angle. I spread my thighs wide. My hips thrust hard against her again and again. Grinding against her hip. Not caring if this hurt her. Ignoring what she might want. Right now she wants this. I felt sure. She wants me to take whatever I want.

I stared at the sweat on her face. Her hair was curling, wet on her forehead. I held my face above her and looked at my splayed hand pushing her head down. I held my thumb to her lips and she opened wide. “That’s right,” I whispered, “Show me.” She teased my thumb inside her, sucking and licking. Lightly dragging her teeth against my skin. I pulsed my thumb slowly in and out of her mouth. My own lips hung open just above her. Spit pooled under my tongue and threatened to drip.

I let my head fall into her neck. My hand pushed harder on her head, pressing her down. I was loud. Forceful. My lungs filled fully with each deep breath. I felt myself crashing up against an orgasm so explosive I thought I might hurt her. I might kick or punch her hard. One knee was bent and pressed against her ass. One knee twisting and stretched near her belly. She lay beneath me on her side and I rode her hard. Fucking for my own pleasure. Thinking only about the feeling under my jeans. My cunt, so warm and wet. Enjoying how good and still she was beneath me. I held her there. She stayed in place while I ground my clit hard against her. Raw and swollen in my jeans. Her stillness moved me.

I came loudly. Hard. All my weight forced against her. She groaned beneath me. Both of us drenched in sweat. Her face was wet. My shirt stuck to me. I rolled off of her, breathing hard for a long time. She stared at me. She watched me recover. My belly inflating like a balloon with each rapid, deep breath. My back arched and stretched as pleasure still wound its way all through me.

She traced my lips with her fingers. Smiling. “We’re always fucking,” one of us said. She took a bath and I read on the bed. Resting. I was dropping her off at the train station an hour later. I told her I wanted to fuck her again. “Why don’t you,” she asked and spread her legs apart before shoving my hand inside her panties.

It never ends. Not ever. Not this.

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