I am so goddamn nice. I am the fucking sweetest thing you’ll ever meet.

Stop your grinning and come here. I’ll wake you up. You want me to tie you down. You want to let go. Give yourself over to me. I’m so goddamned sweet. You can trust me completely.

I come up behind you and grab at your hips. I pull you to me and my hand slides so easily into your pants. Put your palms flat. I’m going to fuck you right here in the middle of your chores. You with no panties in your absurdly soft clothes. Me in my jeans and rough belt. You are girl to my boi. I want you constantly. You want my wanting. We are well matched.

Later, when you’re tired, I’ll bind you. Your wrists above your head, chained. Simple. It’s simple. You can’t do anything but let go. I am taking over now. Here I am. There you are.

I love you. I start so gently. I kiss your wrists. The tender flesh inside your elbows. I chew a little harder on your shoulders, your neck. I bite your low ribs. I sink my teeth in and feel your bones. Let me find your soft breasts, my tongue pushes into you where it can, where you give way. Give in. Give over. Give up. I hold you here. I hold you.

I kneel between your legs. My belt and jeans hang open. But there’s no cock tonight. My knuckles. My left hand. Insensitive. Gliding against your clit. Sliding up and down your pussy. Teasing out your desire and the wetness I seek. What you’ll give to me. I look down at you. I smile. You look so serious. This is important. “It’s my knuckles,” I tell you, “I can’t feel you.” I am thinking that the back of my hand is a blunt instrument. My tongue is more practiced. I stare at you as I push two fingers inside your pussy.

You hold me with your look. Your arms above your head. Hold me. “Yes,” I say. “You can stop me,” I say. “Not yet,” you say. “Soon,” you say. You stare at me a long time. I wait. You smile, “Yes,” you say, “I’m with you. Don’t hurt me.” I have permission, but as a tamed animal.

I am a sweet girl. I am your sweet, sweet girl. I curve my back and suck on your clit. I am a hungry animal between your legs striving to stay civilized when really I should devour you. Here and there I turn my head and bite your thighs. You yell out. The pain reminds you. I suck again and soothe you. I lick your pussy slowly. I return to you. I am your sweet. Relax.

You come. But this is only a beginning. This is a little death. The tiniest. There is more in you. I let my weight fall on you and you’re moving again. The buckle on my belt grinds against you. You growl in my ear and tell me how the cold metal feels good on your pussy. I will taste it later, the metal and you. More. There is more in you. But not tonight.

Someday I will release what is inside me. I will devour you. My jaw aches with these hidden fangs. I open my mouth and howl for you. My moon.

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