sleeping girl

she is asleep and i am awake. the fan is blasting air in this hotel room so how can she sleep? because she is exhausted. because we are both exhausted. but of course, I am awake and she is asleep. it always happens.

i enjoy this. she seems to wake for a moment. almost looks at me sometimes and then disappears again and is quiet and still. sleep is so vulnerable. I can stare and she is so open. she trusts me to sleep here next to me.

come find me

i am face down on the bed fully clothed but with bare feet.

i know she has entered the room. i can hear her pulling off her clothes.

she steps lightly across the floor and brushes the soles of my feet.

i feel her heaviness settle on me as she spreads herself on my back – fully covering me from head to toe with her body.

her left arm hooks under my shoulder to hold me. her right arm moves under me and onto my belly; her hand tugging at my shirt and undoing my belt and jeans.

her fingers find my wet cunt and i gasp, lifting her body on my back. she is thrusting her hips against my ass and i am writhing beneath her. her breath is heavy in my hair and on my neck.

i want her to bite me but refuse to break the spell with words. instead, i turn my head offering my neck to her and she obliges me. feeling her teeth on me, i jerk and shudder and rest again in her hand.

we stay there, still, and i laugh as she keeps biting my neck. i want my turn with her.

We Break Each Other's Hearts

we break each other’s hearts this way. over and over again.

you make your way to this point. the weight of it all is heady and you spin. you both climb and dive. it is effortless. it is beautiful. everything tastes of it. you find yourself smiling, staring off into the distance.

it comes together maybe. or maybe it never does. but you dream of it. you can taste her skin. you imagine it. maybe you get this moment. maybe you get many moments.

and then something lurches and you are staring at your broken heart that is somehow, inexplicably, in your hands. what do i do with this? and what you do is remember. remember everything. wallow in it. cherish it. never throw it away. you will always love her like that. how could you not?

when we fuck

when we fuck

i am unbuttoned
laid bare
led to slaughter

wholly undone
yours alone
at rest
i gladly lay my head on the block

what doesn’t matter is everything
the past
the present
those girls

i pull
i grab
we stumble
and surface

this is life or death
a struggle

your flesh
your blood
your teeth
your bones

my pleasure is bound to the breakable
we are all dying

tonight is all