On Your Knees

Wear that dress for me tonight. The one that’s cut so low I can’t help staring. The one that wraps around your belly and hugs your hips. I want to sit at our kitchen table and watch you cook. Bend over to open the oven. Let me see you. Slow.

I am hungry for you prove it to me. Anything I ask. Anything I want.

Let me sit in my chair, relaxed, and watch you fetch. Down on your knees. Bring me my napkin. Hold it in your mouth. Feel the edges of my stiff cock held tight in my pants as you lay the cloth across my lap.

All through dinner, I am anxious. Staring at your tits. Watching you breathe. I am waiting for us to be done. The dishes in the sink. I am waiting for you to come sit on my lap and wrap your hands around my head. I am waiting for that kiss that tells me what you need.

On your knees. I want to see you crawl to the bedroom. I want to walk behind you, kicking at your feet. Don’t turn around. I want you to hear my belt come off, the jangle of the buckle. Feel the tip of the leather teased across your ass as you move so slowly across the floor.

Stay on your knees as you get to the bed. Rest your head and arms on the mattress. I will crouch down low and loop my belt in my hands. I will lift your dress and slip your panties down your thighs. I want to spank you and see the bright stripes rise to the surface of your skin. You are mine. Your hair in my fingers. You are all mine.

I don’t want you to look at me when I drag you up onto the bed. I will pull you back up on your knees and shove your face and shoulders into the mattress. My hands hold your hips and pull you against me. You’re wet. A damp spot on my bulging jeans. I pull you against me, shoving myself between your thighs. Watching my pants grow wetter. Sticky. I want to slide my dick inside you, but this is too sweet. I lean back and pull you harder against me, rubbing your clit against the hard cock inside my jeans.

You reach back with your hands, trying to find me. I slap your fingers away and rub against your clit. I want your pussy hot, burning. I will pull my cock out and fuck you when I’m ready. I want you on the verge of tears. I want my cock inside you for only a minute before you come, squeezing me inside you, shaking.

When you’re ready, I will sit in my chair with you on the floor between my legs and watch you suck my wet cock. I will place your hands on my thighs and stroke your fingers lightly.

Sometime in the night, I’ll lie awake with you curled against me, your head on my chest, my arms around you. I’ll feel myself ache at the image of you crawling towards me ready to suck me off.

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