Jerking Off

I am on my back with a vibrator between my legs rubbing the full length of my cunt. My hips hinge and my back arches and curves. I feel my hamstrings pull long down the backs of my thighs. My mind flips through images of you, some real and some imagined.

You have your fingers on the top button of your shirt. Now my shirt. You are naked and bending over the sink splashing water on your face. You are fully clothed and crawling on top of me on the bed. You sit above me unbuckling my belt. You crawl onto my lap on the couch. You pull a blanket over us at the lake on the dock. You pull my shirttails out of my pants and slide your hands up my chest. You reach behind your back and briefly put your hand on my fly as we walk into the restaurant.

I imagine what we do to each other. How you suck on my skin. I bite your inner thighs. I stick my nose in your panties and sneak my fingers under them feeling you sticky and wet on my knuckles. You lean above me pulled up on your arms. You pin my shoulders and grin. I want your torture. I desire it. My cunt throbs when you hold me down and just stare at me. Come at me slowly and stop with your lips just above mine. Don’t kiss me, but let me feel your breath on my mouth. I long for you.

More pictures of you in my head fly by and some repeat. Yes, the belt and the buckle. Yes, your mouth moving down my bare chest. Yes, your hand sliding down to my cunt. Yes, you on top of me riding my dick. Yes, you pressed into the mattress with your ass in my hands while I fuck you. Yes, your fingers on the edges of my clothes. Yes, your hand on my neck with your thumb perceptibly squeezing. Yes, as I say your name out loud.

I say your name over and over. An incantation. I call for you loudly and I come.

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