Jerk and Tug

I am lying here with my pants pulled down mid-thigh. I don’t want you to be done fucking me. But I hear the door open, close, and click locked. I hear your footsteps and then your car. I can’t move. I squeeze my eyes shut and try to make you come back.

When you fuck me, I get to be just that and no other thought.

I called. You came over. We didn’t undress. I unbuckled my belt. You jerked my jeans down just far enough. I rolled onto my stomach. I lifted my ass up for you.

I heard you tug on your belt. I heard you push open your jeans. I heard your cock shift out of your underwear. I heard the condom and the lube. I just stayed still. I didn’t want to do anything. I just wanted you doing what you wanted to me. I wanted to feel you inside me. I wanted you to get off. I wanted you feeling powerful, even angry. I wanted you big.

You slapped my ass. I got up on all fours but you pushed my shoulders back down. You got onto the bed, on your knees, and I felt your cock against my ass. It felt big. Which one was it? I don’t know. I didn’t turn around.

“Fuck me,” I told you. “That’s what I’m here for,” you said and you shoved your dick inside me, into my cunt. It hurt. You were aggressive. I balled up my fists and tried to move with you but you were pounding into me fast and hard. This is what I wanted. Fuck you for giving it to me just like this. Fuck you for knowing me like this.

I found it. I found my pleasure in it. You gripped my hips. Your fingers dug into me. One hand moved up and pulled on my shoulder. You pushed my t-shirt a little higher to see my back. You grabbed the back of my neck. I felt like a dog. I felt lost and good and fucked. I listened to your belt buckle jangling as you rocked into me.

I came and you kept going. I came again after a minute or two. You kept going. You leaned over me and stretched your body on top of me. I felt your breasts on my back. You reached a hand underneath me and kept humping. This was for you. You were close. I love this moment. You forget yourself. You make these sounds in my ear like you’re whimpering. These sounds are mine. You don’t even hear them.

You get louder and then you let it all out and you come inside me. Or that’s what I imagine. I imagine you throbbing and spent in my cunt. You are breathing hard and feel too heavy now on top of me. I can barely breathe. I elbow you in the ribs and you lift yourself. You are gentle when you pull out of me. You kiss the back of my neck. “I have to go,” you say and I hear you pissing in the bathroom a moment later.

But I stay here for a long time. I stay here with my jeans tugged down around my thighs. With my cunt still wet. I jerk off and think about you when you’re gone.

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