That Hint of Skin

My friend dragged me to a fundraiser. I hate large rooms crammed with people I don’t know especially when I know the drinks will be watered down and the hors d’oeuvres cheap and skimpy. We walked in and I saw the trays of cheese and crackers with a bunch of grapes propped up in the middle. Fuck. I grabbed a glass of wine and sucked it down as quickly as I could without drawing attention to myself.

I smiled a big happy smile and hissed, “I hate you,” through my clenched teeth. My friend smiled. She squeezed my arm. “I know you do,” she said, “but I had to come and you need to meet people.” She was right. I needed to get out. I looked around, “Find her for me,” I said.

We scanned the crowd silently. Right away it was clear that there was a problem. “When did all the lesbians get married?” I asked. “Shit,” she said, “I’m sorry.”

A fundraiser. Shit. This was stupid. I grabbed another glass of wine and some cheese cubes. “Let me get you a plate,” I heard her say. I turned around with my mouth full of cheese and saw this woman, she looked like a silent film star from a different era. Smoky eyes, bobbed hair, she had a natural smirk that sat on her lips like she was just about to laugh at you but knew how to keep her composure.

She was working. Her service uniform made that clear, but she also showed herself. Her white blouse was unbuttoned one button too low, exposing the white lace of her bra. She wore a short skirt like all the other servers, but her stockings glowed. These weren’t standard issue. She was wearing heels at least 2 inches higher than the others with a pair of elegant stockings. My first thought was to wonder why she was working here. My second thought was that she must be an actress.

She handed me a plate. I acted gruff and nodded, trying to hide the fact that I had just stuffed my mouth with cheese. I felt myself start to blush and turned around quickly to shake it off. When I’d calmed down, I turned to look for her and saw her on the other side of the room heading into the kitchen. Her stockings had seams running straight up the back of her legs and I saw a flash of silver as she took a long stride, exposing her garter. “Fuck,” I thought, “She’s stunning.”

I looked down at my clothes, brushing cracker crumbs off my trousers and looking for the white dog hairs that always tend to plague me when I wear dark wool. I tucked in my shirt and tugged my pants just to my hipbones. I pulled the suspenders off my shoulders and let them hang down. I needed her to notice me.

“I need you to talk with me,” I grabbed my friend, “I have to look social.” She laughed at me and started to scan the room. “Holy fuck,” I said, “Over there,” and nodded in her direction. She had re-applied her lipstick. She looked like a dream. She held a tray of wine glasses and made her way through the crowd. “Wow,” my friend said. Nothing more to say after that. We chatted about god knows what and I kept my eyes on my beautiful server. She was near us but looking the other way. “Where can I get a real drink?” I said loudly. She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled before she kept moving.

I headed towards the kitchen. I met her as she headed back in for a fresh tray. “Where can I get a real drink?” I asked again. “We only have wine or water,” she said. “When do you get a break?” I asked. She looked at me, squinting her eyes. I love this squint. It’s true, when you squint at someone you can see their aura – their sane or insane glow shines like a beacon. I passed the test. “There’s no break,” she said, “I’m done when this is over.” And she walked back into the kitchen.

I watched her. I switched to water so I wouldn’t be hammered. I looked at my watch. Fuck. It was only 9pm and this thing was going to drag on until 11. I needed to plan our escape. Clearly this would be my test. I love tests. Every door had to be assessed. There was a door that led to a small waiting room. It must have been a green room of sorts, something used by speakers when the place was set up as a lecture hall. It was perfect – small, private, with a narrow couch and a small desk.

There is only one way to sneak into spaces like this. There is only one way to disappear in a crowded room. Look official. I walked up to her and spoke loudly, “Follow me, please.” I said it in a normal tone. There’s nothing wrong here. Nothing to notice. It’s just business. We walked to the door, I opened it, and she followed me in. “Let me take your tray,” I said, setting it on the table by the door. I kept her there, her back against the door. There was a low lamp on but otherwise the room was dark. My eyes needed to adjust.

I stared into her eyes and felt with my fingers for the hem of her skirt. I lifted it slowly, stopping before I exposed her panties. She looked shocked, frozen, “I don’t do this,” she said. I hushed her before she could say more, “I do,” I said, “You don’t have to.”

My fingers traced the edges of her garters. Slowly, I moved my fingertips from her stockings up her thighs until I reached the edge of her panties and then I traced the other side of the elastic. “Oh god,” I whispered and moved my hands behind her to the backs of her thighs, tracing the edges there, “Oh god,” I repeated. I felt her breath on my neck. She leaned her head back against the door. I slid my fingers under the elastic and gently caressed that hint of skin. I leaned my face into her, but didn’t touch her. I let my breath warm her neck. I let her hear my desire in my breathing.

I kept one hand on the back of her thigh and brought the other between her legs. Both my hands on one leg and then the other, focusing only on this tiny area of exposed skin. My knuckles accidentally brushed against her panties and she gasped and pressed her full back up against the door, “I can’t” she said. “Hush,” I told her, “You don’t have to. I will.” I tried to kiss her but she turned her head. I followed her and moved my lips just out of reach of her own. Her eyes were squeezed shut. I rubbed my lips against her. I teased her with my tongue. My fingers moved between her legs, lightly brushing her through her panties. My tongue teasing her lips and my fingers teasing her clit.

When she couldn’t take any more, she grabbed my head and pulled my mouth onto hers. Her tongue was strong and needy. I almost pulled away. I moved my hands and softly pet her ass while we kissed hard, hungry, for a long time.

She was opening up, starting to press against me. I slowly lowered myself. Slowly, slowly my knees bent. I nuzzled inside her blouse. I kissed the swell of her breast. I put my hands on her hips. My legs burned as I lowered myself so slowly to my knees. I grabbed her ankles and applied enough pressure to make my request. She spread her legs for me. “Wider,” I said. She spread them a bit more. “Wider still,” I whispered, letting her feel my warm breath through her panties. My lips just above her. She was so shy and slow, it took several tries before her legs were wide enough for me.

I let my lips graze against her panties. I could smell her. My lips felt the dampness seeping into the fabric. I ran my hands from her ankles all the way up her thighs. Her stockings were so silky and smooth, her skin so soft. I didn’t want her to remove a thing.

I lifted her skirt a bit more and kissed her through her panties. I let my lips drag against the fabric. I pulled on the edges with my teeth and let the elastic snap back against her. I pressed my tongue into the fabric and felt the folds of her pussy. I licked her from her ass to her clit, my fingers still teasing the edges of her garter behind her thighs. She moved against me now and I sucked on the fabric, taking her clit into my mouth. My fingers slid under her panties and climbed up the curve of her ass. I pulled just enough to expose her pussy and pushed her panties aside with my lips and tongue.

Now we could hear my mouth on her. The hushed party on the other side of the door muffled most noises, but my mouth on her pussy was beautifully loud and disrespectful. It made me sneer as I sucked on her. She seemed close to coming a few times but I backed away. I wanted this to go on and on. Eventually she grabbed my head and positioned me where she wanted me, not letting me wander again. This was divine. This woman who can’t, who won’t, who doesn’t, suddenly demanding what she wants. I licked her pussy slowly as she came. Slow, long strokes of my tongue all along her. Feeling everything. I let my face rest against her and breathed with my mouth wide open while we both recovered before I pulled her panties carefully back into place and tugged her skirt back down.

She wouldn’t kiss me again until I took my folded hanky out of my pocket and cleaned up my face and chin. Then she kissed me and wrapped one leg around me. I put my hands on her ass and felt the lines of her garters through her skirt. “Where can we get a real drink?” I asked. She grabbed my hand and opened the door.

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