I felt almost cruel. There was an urgency about me, coursing through me. I wanted to look at her. I’d had a good day. Things at work fell easily into place. I felt that buzz all day long. Everything felt good. Electric. Walking down the hall there was an electricity. I looked around me at the brighter colors. I reached out to touch the walls lightly with my fingertips. Something was humming at a frequency I couldn’t quite pick up. But I felt it.

After lunch, my mind wandered again and again. I pictured her. I saw her face, that sexy smirk on her lips popped into my mind and I grabbed at her in my imagination. In a split second, the thought got my heart pounding. I had to pause outside the conference room to collect myself before heading into the next meeting.

All afternoon it was like this. Pop. Her face, that smile, a hint of cleavage, my fingers in her hair, her tongue on my lip. Teasing. Soft.

“Damn it,” I muttered under my breath. I was busy. Too much to do. Working hard and quick. Some days, when I suddenly want her, there’s a fire and some days a fog. This day was the fire. I felt so good. And then the craving to take, to go get her and demand.

I picked up my phone, “When will you be home. I’m picking you up.” She sounded surprised but I heard her smile, “7 o’clock. No. 6:30.” I hung up. I clawed at my thighs. I needed to finish up at work. I barreled through the next two hours fully focused on work before tossing my laptop in my bag and heading out. I swung by my place to drop things off and wash my face. I was hot. My muscles were wiry. A set trap ready to spring. I thought about jerking off but didn’t have time.

It wasn’t dark enough when I picked her up. I’d imagined rolling up the block and unzipping my pants. But it was too early. Too bright. That’s not my style. I rubbed the bulge in my pants. She saw my agitation and sweetly tried to draw it out of me, “What’s wrong, baby?” I don’t let her call me baby. She knows that. I didn’t say anything.

I drove us to a parking garage, circled the car up to the top floor, and parked in a dark corner. “Get in the back,” I said and stepped out of the car. I watched her get out of the front seat and move to the back. I waited until she closed the door and then I stood there and stared at her through the glass. She kept her eyes low. Her hands moved to her shirt buttons. I stared. She kept going. I watched her lift her skirt and stroke her inner thigh up and down. I pressed my hands flat against the glass and leaned in close, fogging the pane briefly with each exhale.

It took her a minute to realize that I was going to just stand there for awhile. She relaxed her body, leaned back against the door, and looked up at me. Slowly, she lifted one leg into the seat and let the other fall wide. I could see her bright red lace panties and her hair matted underneath the fabric. I looked into her eyes. I felt cold. Removed. I wanted to watch. I nodded my head at her as if to say, “Go on. More.”

She reached her hand between her legs and stroked her pussy long and slow, sometimes pausing to circle her clit. I felt my cunt twitch in response. I rubbed my chest through my shirt and squeezed at my own nipple. She saw me and bit her lip. She looked lonely, almost sad, wanting. I nodded.

Her fingers pushed under her panties and I watched her knuckles move under the lace. Her body started to move. She worried her brow a little. I wanted to touch her. I imagined her soft, wet pussy in my hands. I remembered it. But I stayed put. I watched.

Her chest flushed a little. And her neck. Her hand stopped moving but her hips kept circling. I watched her face as she came. I watched her settle into it. A naughty smile crept over her face. She stared straight back at me, blinking.

I opened the door, climbed in beside her, and unzipped my pants. I pulled out my cock and stroked it. Neither of us said anything. I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her into my lap. “I want to watch you suck it,” I said, my voice cracked in anticipation. My mouth went dry. She nodded.

I pulled her head so her mouth hovered above my cock. Ready, open, her lips looked bright red. Ripe. She raised her eyes to me. Her hands wrapped around my ass. I wished I’d thought to cuff her wrists behind her back. I would have liked to control her more fully. But she kept her hands in place as if she read my thoughts. She was still except for the movements her head made as I adjusted my grip.

I held her head for a long time. Longer than I expected. I just held it there. Waiting. Both of us frozen. The pause made me burn. Her too. I watched her cheeks flush a deep crimson. I saw her eyes plead with me. “Soon,” I whispered and caught myself overwhelmed, a lump in my throat. That was all I needed to act. My emotions kicked me into gear.

My fingers held her head in a tight grip and pushed her mouth onto my cock. I watched her take me into her mouth. Her eyes closed. She looked lost. Intent. I saw a drive in her to please me. I usually roll right over that and keep us focused on her. But tonight, I soaked it in. I let her suck me off to please me. I took my pleasure in it. I leaned my head back, keeping my fingers wrapped tight in her hair, pushing and pulling her on and off my cock, kicking my knees wide. “Fuck,” I moaned, louder than I’d intended. She didn’t break. I laughed low, deeply satisfied, looser somehow, free. My chest filled with deep breaths again and again. “Fuck,” I kept repeating, “Fuck.”

I didn’t get off with her sucking my cock, but I came close. Her chin was wet when I pulled her up to me. She tortured my nipples with her teeth and somehow left a deep bruise along one rib. I leaned back and let her do what she wanted. I let go of her. I watched.

Our mouths were open with our lips touching when her fingers circled my clit. We stayed like this a long time, not kissing, but panting. Her warm breath pulsed inside my mouth. She built me up. My hips followed her. My hands pulling her tight against me. My fingers raked down her back. “Come for me,” she said, “I want to feel it.”

I hooked my fingers around her shoulders and pulled her away from me. Her fingers stayed on my clit. I looked down and saw where her arm disappeared into my jeans, under my shorts. I stared at my cock which just sat there, moved out of the way. I let my eyes wander slowly over my own chest and belly, shiny with sweat. I watched my hips rock against her hand. I felt her eyes on me. She was whispering. I don’t know what she said. I don’t know. But I reached my arms out along the seat-back and held on, shaking, as I came for what felt like a few minutes.

I closed my eyes for a long time after that. I think I fell half asleep. I was suddenly aware that she was sucking on my neck with her hand between her legs, coming. I moaned a sleepy moan and pulled her to me, my arms wrapped tightly around her. “You’re nice,” I said. She smiled into my neck. “You are,” I added, “This is good.”

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