Dear Reader

First of all, thank you for being patient. I haven’t posted a new story in a long while. I hope to correct that soon.

Today I noticed that Instagram has deleted every single photo I had posted there and linked to from this blog. None of the photos violated Instagram policy by themselves, but it seems linking to them from my blog is considered a violation overall. This included photographs of my fingers working on a car, photographs of my hair, photos of jeans. It’s ridiculous. I’m doing my best to track down the original photographs and rebuild these pages one at a time.

Please be patient with me as this will be a significant amount of work. Fuck censorship. Fuck the fact that talking about sex is considered taboo and gets your work banned but the president threatening to destroy an entire country stays put on Twitter. Speaking of that – you can report him for threatening violence. I did. But I will start posting stories again. I will continue posting photographs. Let’s keep fucking and being queer and resisting all this bullshit.




2 thoughts on “Dear Reader”

  1. fuuuuuuck. Damn. Good luck recovering your photos. And yes, RESIST! And push back in every way we can against those who use their power to enforce censorship and attempt to limit the voices of resistance and the oppressed.

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