Dear Reader

First of all, thank you for being patient. I haven’t posted a new story in a long while. I hope to correct that soon.

Today I noticed that Instagram has deleted every single photo I had posted there and linked to from this blog. None of the photos violated Instagram policy by themselves, but it seems linking to them from my blog is considered a violation overall. This included photographs of my fingers working on a car, photographs of my hair, photos of jeans. It’s ridiculous. I’m doing my best to track down the original photographs and rebuild these pages one at a time.

Please be patient with me as this will be a significant amount of work. Fuck censorship. Fuck the fact that talking about sex is considered taboo and gets your work banned but the president threatening to destroy an entire country stays put on Twitter. Speaking of that – you can report him for threatening violence. I did. But I will start posting stories again. I will continue posting photographs. Let’s keep fucking and being queer and resisting all this bullshit.





Hot damn. 100 followers. Thank you all!

I also recently had my first story accepted. It’s possible that it could get cut at the last minute, but I hope to be in the Best Lesbian Erotica 2013 anthology later this year. A big “Holy Fuck” moment for me. Unreal.

So with all this luck, I should wish something for you: May you all fuck someone this weekend just exactly the way you like it. And fucking yourself counts.

Here’s how I plan to satisfy this wish…

I’m starting with two slices of lime and two large shots of tequila and me on my back. I unbutton my shirt and squeeze one slice of lime watching it drip onto my chest and squeeze my nipples in my juiced up fingers. Tonight I have to imagine someone licking it up. I lick my fingers and throw back the first shot.

I unbutton my jeans and slip them with my boxers down over my hips. I rest the second shot glass low on my torso and hold myself still while I squeeze the lime onto my tongue. The tequila ripples in the glass as my pulse pumps my belly up and down. I let it run out of my mouth and get my chin all sticky. I reach down and put a palm on top of the shot glass and squeeze it. I press the cold glass against my cunt and pull it slowly up through my wet lips and over my clit.

I drag the glass up my chest, between my breasts letting it slosh out on my skin. I drink it down tasting the slight tartness of my cunt on the lip of the glass. My hand slides through the booze on my chest and I suck the tips of each finger. I suck again and wet them. The tequila has made my face hot. My cunt throbs.

I crook one arm behind my head, propping it up higher to look down at my body. I watch my hand between my legs. I watch my wrist twist and pull. I get myself excited and then dig into the drawer beside me for a cock. Curved and beautiful. Glass. Ridged. I push the tip inside me and sink it deep so I can feel it under my belly. I feel it moving deep inside me, pushing against me, finding every nerve ending and searing me with a deep, unburied pleasure.

I take my time. Nothing on my clit until I can’t stand it any longer and let my head fall, bringing my other hand between my legs. This is my first fuck for the night. It’s still early. I’ll leave my chest and chin sticky awhile longer.

I have more toys in the drawer next to me. I pause and take it in. Nipple clamps come out next. I clamp them tight and let the chain drip between my breasts. I make it hurt. A lot. I pull the chain and watch my nipples strain. The pain surges into my sides and up under my armpits. I bite my lip. I grab the biggest cock I own and drip lube along the shaft but barely pump my hand around it before I shove it into my cunt. This one is hard and fast. I want to fuck myself sore. I want to feel it when I walk in the morning. Feel my aching nipples under my shirt. The raw pain remains for a long time. A reminder.

There’s more tonight. It crests and falls.

In my mind I have fucked her with my hand under the table at dinner. And in the car ride home. I have let her torture me and black the lights while she fucks me from behind, pulling me back onto her cock, a rare treat. I have bent her over my legs and made her drip down onto her thighs before letting her sit on my face and rock against my chin. I have held her for hours and let her doze before I wake her up with the tip of my cock slapping against her clit and my mouth just above hers. Thrusting into her the moment she wakes up. Making her gasp before she moans and circles her hips underneath me.

Keep going. Imagine something new each time. Discover it in yourself and in her. Surprise the fuck out of your own mind and body. Wake up. Feel alive. This is it.